Accounting, tax and payroll consulting

Our experienced, stable and well-tuned team of accounting, payroll and tax experts can work for your as a fully-fledged economic department. We have experience from the most prestigious international consulting companies together with the practical experience from our own business in various sectors of the economy. We are able to maintain the highest level of quality and also apply solutions corresponding to the complexity and size of your business. Our credo is professionalism, responsibility, accuracy and precision. Our service builds on a robust digital solution that meets the technical demands of the coming decades, constantly innovating and streamlining our processes so that we have as much space as possible for you to deal personally, with a human and practical approach to the problems you solve in financial management.

  • Services of financial, accounting, payroll and tax advisors
  • Accounting, payroll, and tax outsourcing (in our own or your accounting software)
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory rules in the areas of accounting, payroll and taxes
  • Representation in front of the tax administrator or labour inspectors, resp. employment office, social security administration, health insurance companies or insolvency administrators in various appeals, local investigations and inspections, or in your requests and complaints
  • Revision of accounting methods, setting of methodologies, compilation of internal guidelines and rules
  • Revision of company assets and setting of accounting and tax depreciation
  • Revision, preparation and filing of all types of tax returns
  • Management of data boxes and provision of all services related to the operation of the company’s headquarters
  • Processing of reports and statistics for the needs of the bank, CZSO, FO, CSSA and insurance companies
  • Compilation of a reporting package tailor-made to your needs
  • Processing of annual closing operations to the legal extent incl. cooperation with auditors during the audit of financial statements
  • Assistance with building an internal accounting department, methodical management of internal accountants, provision of interim financial director, chief accountant or senior accountant
  • Setting up budgets and tailor-made reporting for owners and management
  • Financial and tax Due Diligence
  • Implementation of a (new) accounting system in your company
  • Reconstruction of damaged accounting / payroll data
  • Methodical advice on accounting for complex accounting transactions from various areas
  • Payroll and data analysis, dashboards, forecasts, HR Due Diligence, payroll audits